Mental Marathon Training: Bad Runs

May 5, 2011

Bad runs can actually be one of your best training tools!


Lucky Socks

April 13, 2011

Mental Marathon Training: Overcoming beliefs

April 25, 2010

Learning to let yourself go and stop pushing so hard during a run and learning to overcome the beliefs you may have gathered as a child.


Mental Marathon Training: Race Day Goals

March 31, 2010

Race day goal setting and how you may be sabatoging yourself by creating multiple goals.


Mental Marathon Training: Visualization

March 14, 2010

This episode of Mental Marathon Training goes through the details of using visualization during training for a superb race day!



Mental Marathon: Long Run Routine

March 3, 2010

Developing a routine for your long run is an essential part of being successful on marathon morning.   More training tips available at